Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios News: Freddie Roach Not Worried About Alex Ariza, But Concerned With Eduardo Garcia’s Presence in Rios’ Camp

by on October 24, 2013

Freddie Roach is considered as one of the best trainers in the business and is known for not backing down from any challenge presented to him, but the boxing Hall of Famer admitted that he is concerned with the presence of a popular figure in Brandon Rios’ camp.

No, he is not worrying about Alex Ariza, the former strength and conditioning coach of Manny Pacquiao, who decided to train Rios in his upcoming bout against the pound-for-pound king on Nov. 24th in Macau.

Roach expressed his respect for Rios’ trainer Robert Garcia, but he is not worrying about him either. But the famed Pacquiao trainer sounded alarmed with the presence of Garcia’s father, Eduardo, in Rios’ camp.

In an interview that was published by Solar Sports Desk, Roach said that Eduardo is capable of giving input to Rios, which could be very valuable in their upcoming showdown.

“I don’t fear anyone but if I have to say who’s got the most boxing knowledge in that camp, it’s the father,” Roach said. “His dad is a very knowledgeable boxing person. I respect him a lot. I’m sure he’s helping his son watching tapes and come up with a better game plan.”

According to Roach, the elder Garcia was known for developing the boxing skills of his sons, Robert and Mikey, who both made waves in the professional boxing scene.

Eduardo, who was a former amateur fighter that holds an impressive 48-2 card, also handled the career of former world champions Fernando Vargas and Victor Ortiz before.

“I’ve seen him with so many different fighters, every fighter is a different type of fighter and he changes well with fighters. He’s more of a counter punching teacher and most of his fighters are counter punchers like both his sons were,” Roach said.

But while Roach has nothing but praise for Eduardo, he vowed that Pacquiao will be ready with anything that will be thrown at him by Rios and his camp in their Macau showdown.

“The father is the one who can actually change his game plan that’s why I have boxers who does different punches. I try to think ahead of him and be ready for whatever he may bring,” Roach said.

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