Pacquiao vs Rios Tickets are Still Available

Pacquiao vs Rios tickets are still available to purchase until today! You can buy the tickets below.

Their fight will be on November 24, 2013 at Venetian, Macau, China. Manny Pacquiao chose this venue for his fight to avoid any huge amount of money for taxes when fighting in US. Considering that he lose the 2 fights last year, first was against Tim Bradley where he lose after 12 rounds via unanimous decision and the second was against Manuel Marquez where he was knocked out after the 6th round.

The victory of Manuel Marquez surprised everybody and nobody was expecting that it was the outcome of the fight, many fans were hoping for the victory of the Filipino Icon Manny Pacquiao in their 4th bout. Unfortunately, Manny Pacquiao was down after a hook from Marquez which he didn’t expect that it will knockout Pacquiao.

After that fight, Manny Pacquiao was planning to fight again but not in Las Vegas US anymore because of the tax he is paying for in every fight he had in the past.

He decided to fight Rios this November 24 in China as that is also part of Asia where he lives and he is hoping for a smaller tax compared to what he paid for in US.

Buy your Tickets now and reserve a seat in Venetian Macau and watch the fight on November 24. For those who can’t afford tickets, you can send us an email to and subscribe for a live streaming link on the fight night. We will try to provide you links where you can watch the fight from your home. This fight will be aired in HBO PPV and you can subscribe as early as possible to reserve this fight.